Women Omics

Suzanne: The Boss

“Women Omics” is the economic power of women: womenomics. It is the awareness that women are beginning to play a bigger part in business. Business women are definitely making their way into the world of ecommerce, but the percentage/ratio of women to men in both business schools and the ecommerce business is still surprisingly low.

In a 2021 article at Digitalcommerce360.com, the author notes that out of 100 of the ecommerce businesses they surveyed, “87% of CEO, president and founder roles are held by males in the industry compared with 13% of females.” Granted, these are some of the largest ecommerce sites in the US, but it is still an industry with a greatly disproportionate number of men in the driver’s seat.

The Inventory Boss is a training course and SaaS product offered by Epilon, LLC, a company owned 50% by a woman (Suzanne). The Boss was designed to level the playing field for every ecommerce business owner who did not graduate from a business school and study supply chain logistics and inventory management.

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We want you to win! So dive in, learn how to manage your inventory and logistics like a Boss… and go crush your competition!