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Hi there! I’m Michael Weir.  I am a Certified Inventory and Logistics Specialist and have been selling physical products in ecommerce for over 10 years.

I’ll get straight to it:   It’s very likely that you’ve received little to no training in Inventory Management. 

For 98% of the sellers it the world, the journey into the world of ecommerce on Amazon, Walmart or Shopify did not include any meaningful training in inventory management or logistics.

Fact #1: You will never spend more money in your business than you do when purchasing your inventory.

Fact #2: Inventory mistakes can destroy your cashflow, tie up your operating capital and cause tremendous financial (and emotional) stress.

Fact #3: You can increase your profits by optimizing your inventory management systems and practices.

The Inventory Boss, a simple 8-Step inventory management system, has been taught at industry conferences and mastermind meetings all over the world. This knowledge and software application is now available to you to help you improve your business.


The Secret to Managing Your Inventory…

The secret is having a DATABASE populated with all the ASIN/SKU Data and Sales History currently buried in your Seller account(s) and placing a best-in-class program on top of all that data that will build Seasonality Indexes, generate Sales Forecasts, Order Reports and More – That’s what the Inventory Boss does for you.

What I am offering you today is the Inventory Boss Video Training Course and Software (SaaS Free for seven (7) days.

The training course is a comprehensive and takes you step by step through the necessary theory and application of inventory management. You don’t need to be a Math Wizard or Excel Guru to become a VERY effective and competent inventory manager.

After you have completed your training (just a few hours), I will show you how to use our software application (SaaS) that will absolutely revolutionize the way you manage your inventory and logistics.

Amazon | Walmart | Shopify or Woocommerce

 The Inventory Boss software gathers ALL of your sales data from ALL of your sales platforms allowing you to manage a multi-channel ecommerce business, all with a few clicks of a button.

You Will Gain the Confidence to Know:

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What You’re Going to Get

Now is the time to take total control of your Ecommerce inventory management.