The Inventory Boss training program and software solution gives you a reliable 7-Step System to manage your inventory like a professional.

If you’ve ever…

  • Run out of inventory and watched your cash flow dry up as your competitors capture all your sales and ranking,
  • Paid  expensive Air Freight fees to rush units to FBA,
  • Ordered too much inventory, only to see it sit in a warehouse - tying up your cash as you pay extra storage fees, or
  • Stared at your spreadsheet(s) wondering if you were making the right decisions.

… then the Inventory Boss training program and software solution is the game-changer that will propel you to the top tier of sellers who manage their inventory and logistics like pro’s.

“The Secret to Managing Your Inventory is NOT Found in Your Spreadsheets…”

The secret is having a DATABASE populated with all the ASIN Data and Sales History currently buried in your Seller Central account, and placing a program on top of all that data that will build Seasonality Indexes, generate Sales Forecasts, Order Reports and More - That’s what the Inventory Boss does for you.

Learn how to apply our 7-Step System to your business.


​The Reorder Point

​This formula helps you determine exactly when to order based on the level of inventory you keep in Amazon’s FBA and in your warehouse, so you’ll always have the right amount of inventory — you can order with confidence and precision every time.

With you’re using the Inventory Boss program all you have to do is open your Snapshot tab to see which of your products are getting close to the reorder point.


​Seasonality Index

​The Seasonality Index is a crucial formula in our system not only for forecasting future sales, but for determining the true sales trend of a product.

With a Seasonality Index integrated into your inventory management system, you’re able to order only what you need for the period of time your order will cover.  You’ll also have the ability to accurately forecast the sales trends of all of your products.

​STEP ​3

​Forecasting Future Demand

​The ability to accurately forecast future sales demand is the beating heart of inventory management and the key to maximizing profits in your business.  

When you get this part right, you’ll streamline your orders and maximize your profit margins, because you’ll only order the number of units needed to cover your future sales.  

When you can forecast future demand, you won’t risk running out of inventory, scrambling to make last minute orders and losing market share to your competitors.


​Manually adjusting future events

​Manually adjusting for known future events, such as coupon giveaways, lightning deals, prime day, and other planned promotional events. When these events are accounted for in your forecast, you can order with far greater accuracy.

​STEP ​5

​Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Calculations

​The EOQ gives you the “big picture” that balances the costs of ordering (think of your freight forwarder’s bill) and the cost of storage.

You’ll learn the right way to use this important formula to ensure you are making the best ordering decisions.

​STEP​ 6

Balancing your Warehouse stock with your FBA stock

​Balancing your Warehouse stock with your FBA stock, ensuring that you only send to FBA the amount you need to cover your sales for a given period. This helps minimizes your FBA storage fees and increases the profit margin in every product you sell.

​STEP ​​7

Consolidate Your Shipping

Consolidate you Shipping, so your containers are packed full and you optimize your shipping expenses. Calculate the CBM from all your orders, across multiple factories that deliver to the same port to make sure you’re ordering the right size container… every time!

Inventory Boss Will Give You The Confidence to Know:

  • ​When to place your orders

So you never again have to worry about running out of stock or if it will arrive on time.

  • ​How much to order

For every ASIN, so you feel confident that you will have enough inventory to cover your projected needs, but not too much that you tie up precious cash and expose your profits to excessive storage fees.

  • How to adjust your orders for Seasonality

So each of your orders will cover the sales demands for the months ahead.

  • ​How to coordinate and consolidate your shipping

So your containers are packed full and you optimize your shipping expenses.

  • ​How much inventory to ship to FBA warehouses each month

​So Amazon doesn’t shrink your profit margins with their ever-increasing storage fees.

​Amazon’s fees will only continue to increase over time.  

Don’t pay any more fees than you absolutely need to.

​What ​Other Sellers Are Saying About Inventory Boss

Avoid really costly inventory mistakes...

Mike does a wonderful job explaining complex inventory concepts in a way that is easy enough to understand, the concepts alone could help anyone to take better inventory management decisions.

The software does all calculations automatically so you don't need to worry about formulas, but understanding the principles will allow you to take the most out of it and avoid really costly inventory mistakes

Jesus Diaz

Amazon Seller

​More profitable, but also more confident than you’ve ever been...

Michael Weir takes you on a journey through your own business that will leave you not only more profitable, but also more confident than you’ve ever been.

​Kerry Sebree

Amazon Seller

​​I always know my company is in good hands with his innovative software tools....

I chose to work with Michael from Inventory Boss to help manage and optimize our inventory because he himself is a seller on amazon and truly understands the pain points we sellers struggle with.

I trust Michael 110% so I always know my company is in good hands with his innovative software tools. He's helping me manage my company in a way more optimized and scalable way! Love it!

​Natashia Menshe

Amazon Seller

​Michael shows you how to take a data-driven approach to your inventory management.

​We're a seven figure seller with over 50 SKUs, managing our inventory via Google sheets. It's a painful process and we often find errors in our data. I listened to Michael speak at a conference and immediately after raced to take his Inventory Boss course.
Inventory management is hard and can be scary. Michael shows you how to take a data-driven approach to your inventory management. He is able to distill complicated supply chain concepts into bite sized lessons to help you learn. Even if you're not a spreadsheet or math person, you can easily understand how to perform the calculations and apply this to your business. This will level-up your operations and make you a more sophisticated seller -- and more importantly, efficiently manage your cash flow. His course and software will transform your business, and save you time and headaches!

Thank you! This has been extremely helpful for me -- it's going to professionalize my business big time.

Sam P

Amazon Seller

​Dr Ben Frederick

Amazon Seller

​What You’re Going to Get

You will get instant access to our online video training program and our Inventory Boss software. You will learn how to forecast future sales and see how our program automates the process.

Regardless of your training, education background or business experience, you can learn our 7-Step system in a single day. The great news is that once you learn how to manage your inventory, this knowledge and skill will remain with you for as long as you run your business. This isn’t some short-term ninja hack that works today and is useless in six months. This is a Super Ninja Skill that will make your business more profitable… Forever!

​Now is the time to take total control of your inventory management.
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